An old seaside resort town on an island that has seen better days. At one time the spas and hot springs of Dante's Cove were destinations for the best European and New England families. But society changed, the hot springs grew over and were forgotten, and the former colony fell into obscurity. The current inhabitants are a mix of long-time inhabitants (both native populations and the descendants of once-fine European families), tourists (come for scuba, surf, and Spring Break), and the growing young, polysexual crowd who've take up residence in the once-grand, now ramshackle hotels and residences. The island's reputation for tolerance and welcome has made it a destination for people who are tired of being judged or threatened for their unconventional lives.

The former residence of the Neville family, the charming old building was turned into a hotel in 1840. In the present it's been converted into a residence hotel, a sort of a dorm-building for young expatriate North Americans who've come to Dante's Cove to stay. It has no front desk or any of the other typical inn/hotel trappings. According to Corey, the cool, beautiful, sexually active, sexually diverse crowd in residence holds 'frequent bitchin' parties.'

The building is managed by local jack-of-all-trades Kai, who collects the rents; the owner is the reclusive long-time Island resident Grace Neville.

The building has a long reputation for being haunted, a history of strange happenings and evil deeds.